Lease a Used Car at Reagor Auto Mall Lubbock

It used to be that only when you purchased a new car were you given the option of leasing. But at Reagor Dykes Auto Mall Lubbock, we are proud to offer this great finance option on our used vehicles as well.

Whether this is your very first lease, or the fifth time you've leased, we have a quick overview which should help bring you up to speed on leasing at our dealership.

When you lease a car you enjoy many benefits. For example, you're able to get a different vehicle more often--generally every two, three or four years--depending on the lease terms. You can also enjoy paying less each month typically on a leased vehicle. Additionally, when you lease instead of buy, you have little or no repair costs to pay.

If you prefer driving a used vehicle, this is a win-win situation. Now, you can enjoy the perks of driving a pre-owned vehicle--like less of a depreciation hit--and the benefits of leasing a vehicle in one!

At Reagor Auto Mall Lubbock, it would be our pleasure to show you around our wide inventory of used vehicles and answer any of your questions about leasing a pre-owned vehicle.


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