3 Smart Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle in the Greater Clovis, NM Area


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When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle in Clovis, NM, the most obvious reason to do so is because it's typically the more affordable option. Affordability, however, isn't the only reason to consider purchasing a new vehicle, nor is it the only benefit. In today's post, we will explore those smart reasons.

  • Minimized depreciation: When you purchase a new vehicle, it typically depreciate 20 percent when you drive them off the lot. Not to mention, it typically loses 10 percent of its value in the first-year of ownership. You can avoid these depreciation rates by driving a used vehicle.
  • Variety: When you shop for a used model, the possibilities are endless. At our showroom, for example, we feature a wide inventory of makes, models and trims from dozens of automakers.
  • Tested Performance: As long as the used vehicle has been inspected carefully--like the ones at our showroom--you can feel confident knowing the used model you're interested in is tried and true. Look for other benefits, like a warranty, to double your peace of mind.

As you can see, there are a number of smart reasons to consider driving a used vehicle. Do you want to take one of our used vehicles for a test drive? Plug 1211 19th Street into your smartphone or GPS to find the most convenient route from your home in Clovis, NM to our showroom in Lubbock, TX.

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